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In de-escribir

By AnaMaria

Elephant Blessings

On 14, Jul 2013 | No Comments | In de-escribir | By AnaMaria

He con­tri­buído ulti­ma­mente con Elep­hant Jour­nal un sitio que publica artícu­los sobre el estilo de vida ilu­mi­nado (en ingles).


Aquí van los enlaces:

Go: The Cir­cus will Make Sense. “It’s about con­nec­ting with your per­so­nal silence — kno­wing is a happy cos­mic silence. You can do it with pra­na­yama, with hill repeats or in any other way. And you don’t have to be a flying pret­zel cir­cus yogi. There’s no need to speed up and qua­lify for the Bos­ton marat­hon. It’s right here, right now. We can easily go beyond our bodies, beyond our­sel­ves, but we usua­lly need a little bit of a kick.”

Mind and Moun­tain. “Moun­tains are not obs­ta­cles, they are meant to be explo­red. They offer so much: cool water­fa­lls, hard climbs, sandy peb­bles. Gene­rously giving us remin­ders of blis­ters on your feet or scrat­ches on our hands. We take the les­sons and enjoy them more.”

Keys to enligh­ten­ment. “We shouldn’t use our spi­ri­tual prac­tice to escape the daily des­pe­ra­tion, to ignore the storms of self ques­tio­ning and loud doubts. By accep­ting and lis­te­ning we can go all the way down through our muddy ideas until we find firm ground. When we ack­no­wledge them, they stop making noise.”

Death by Power Yoga. “Isn’t yoga prac­tice sup­po­sed to build com­pas­sion and higher unders­tan­ding in order to live fully and die happy?”

Why should we all pay more atten­tion to our feet 


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